The madVR Envy video processor delivers the ultimate cinematic visual experience for your home theater, using the most modern-day, best video processing on the planet. No other product squeezes every pixel to its extreme potential. Add Envy to your theater in just five minutes!






Calibration Beyond Excellence

madVR Envy – The Gold Standard in Home Cinema Calibration


Experience a new realm of cinematic immersion with the madVR Envy video processor, setting the benchmark for home cinema enthusiasts. Driven by the pursuit of unparalleled accuracy in color calibration, the Envy’s integration with top-tier calibration software not only meets but far surpasses industry standards and everything that’s come before it. Discover the power of Envy’s unmatched calibration prowess and superior control.

Pairing the madVR Envy with state-of-the-art calibration software allows you to achieve the ideal brightness, contrast, color gamut and HDR response, ensuring maximum detail and clarity in your display. You’ll experience unmatched precision in colorspace, grayscale, and gamma adjustments. Experienced calibrators will benefit from a streamlined, largely automated calibration process that enables the creation of unlimited, sophisticated 1D and 3D LUTs. Further, analyze performance for both SDR and HDR, and easily craft comprehensive customer reports.

Delve deeper as we introduce you to the elite calibration tools, ColourSpace and Calman, enhancing the Envy’s capabilities in home cinema calibration. Additionally, find guides and resources to help you get up to speed.

Unrivaled Precision

The madVR Envy is the only video processor that supports massive LUT sizes – up to 4,096 point 1D LUTs and unparalleled 16.7M point 3D LUTs. Whereas other video processors only offer limited 21 point 1D LUTs and 4,913 point 3D LUTs. The Envy is also the only video processor for home cinema that supports both a front and back 1D LUT.

Powerful LUT Management

With the flexibility to use unlimited 1D and 3D LUTs per colourspace, managing LUTs with the Envy is a breeze. Effortlessly import, export, rename, compare or delete LUTs using Envy’s intuitive menu or our utility from your PC or Mac. Our Profile system also makes it easy to apply LUTs based on the incoming signal or user preference.

Best Tools & Guides

The Envy proudly supports both industry-leading calibration software products (available separately) – ColourSpace from Light Illusion and Calman from Portrait Displays. Both software programs are optimized for seamless integration with the Envy using our latest Calibration API version 2.0 and are among the top choice of professional ISF calibrators.

Calman by Portrait Displays

According to the company: Calman provides an all-encompassing calibration and verification process. Its recently released Aurora Color Engine was built using the latest color science research to make calibrations fast, easy and more accurate. Designed for cutting-edge SDR, HDR and WCG calibrations, it provides workflow-driven LUTs and eliminates display banding and posterization. Calman uses a step-by-step guided workflow through your calibration journey, augmented by the free Envy for Calman workflow from madVR Labs.


FREE Envy for Calman workflow add-on

Envy for Calman Sample Calibration Report

Manual Envy Calibration Guide for Calman (if not using Envy for Calman workflow)

Portrait Displays website

ColourSpace by Light Illusion

According to the company: Light Illusion is the leading provider of colour management solutions spanning the vast sectors of film, TV, and Broadcast. Their unparalleled experience, gained from hands-on involvement in professional film and TV operations, helps set them apart. Catering to the Home Cinema market, they provide advanced calibration expertise and capabilities. Currently, ColourSpace is the only software product that supports both front and back 1D LUTs with the Envy, giving calibrators unmatched flexibility in the calibration process.


• Envy Calibration Guide for ColourSpace

Envy Calibration Result with 3D+4,096 point 1D LUT using ColourSpace

Advanced LUT integration

Light Illusion website


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